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My dad likes to tell this story about me as a four-year-old. He found me on the kitchen floor one day surrounded by upside-down tupperware, belting "How Do you Solve a Problem Like Maria?” while happily banging on my tupperware “drumset" with wooden spoons. Honestly, this is a pretty accurate depiction of me as a human being to this day. I suppose I've matured a bit and grown a few inches since then...

Hello! I am a New York City-based Dancer/Singer/Actor/Instrumentalist with a passion for tap dancing, rhythmically intricate movement and music, and musical comedy. I’ve performed in musicals at regional theatres across the country, danced professionally with tap and jazz dance companies, and have been featured in music videos and short films. I also gig as a showgirl and play the accordion, piano, and percussion. 


Originally from Madison, WI, I began my professional career in Minneapolis, MN, while attending the University of Minnesota for my BFA in Dance. Although my home base is now NYC, I am a midwesterner at heart who knows how to handle cold winters, craves swimming in freshwater lakes, and loves cheese curds. When I'm not performing, you can catch me taking walks, practicing or teaching yoga, chatting on the phone with my sister, or socializing with my pals.

Photography by Monte Photeaux
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